There remain many opportunities for ‘The Tigers’ to serve overseas, either with a battalion or as an individual, including exchange opportunities in Australia and New Zealand or loan service posts in Eastern Europe and Western Africa. Training activities are varied and overseas training exercises offer soldiers the opportunity to experience varied conditions in unique and unusual terrain.

Kenya offers hot arid conditions in some areas and jungle conditions in others, whilst the resources are available for some demanding adventure training. Both regular battalions have exercised in Kenya at intervals at both battalion and company level, latterly in preparation for operations in Afghanistan.

Canada offers an equally diverse landscape and opportunities for excellent military training on the open plains. There is also an outstanding adventure training facility based in the Canadian Rockies. Both regular battalions have regularly exercised in Canada completing live firing, simulated training and competency tests before deployment to Iraq or Afghanistan. Many other military exercises have taken place around the world, including in Jamaica, Belize, Cyprus, the Falkland Islands, Germany, Poland, Latvia and Kazakhstan. Army Reserve units also exercise overseas and the 3rd Battalion has been to the United States and Cyprus. Not all of the training can be exotic and, so a busy exercise schedule occurs within the UK. Salisbury Plain, Sennybridge and Otterburn are, therefore, regular venues for brigade and battalion activities, whilst smaller exercises and commitments are spread throughout the country. All training provides opportunities for Regular/Reserve integration, the 3rd Battalion have participated in many of the above exercises either Regimentally or within the wider Queen’s Division.

Shooting is a fundamental skill of all infantrymen and the Regiment has fully participated in various competitions. L/Cpl Dilip Gurung (an attached Gurkha with The 1st Battalion) won the Queen’s Medal at Bisley in 1998, whilst The 2nd Battalion’s shooting team won the Northern Ireland Skill at Arms Meeting in the previous year. The TA battalions and ‘B’ (Queen’s Regiment) Company of The London Regiment have also performed particularly well in a number of competitions. The 6/7th Battalion won the British Reserve Forces Team Competition in the USA in 1998, whilst The 3rd Battalion’s shooting team consistently won shooting competitions at Bisley throughout the 1990s and into the twenty-first Century!