Regimental Days


The three Regimental Days are as follows:

Albuhera Day
On the 16th May, the exceptional bravery of the 3rd, 31st and 57th Regiments of Foot is remembered from the Battle of Albuhera 1811. This was the Regimental Day of the Buffs and the Middlesex and was also an important day for the 1st East Surreys. The only set part of the day's celebrations is 'The Immortal Memory', also known as the Die-Hard ceremony, since it was inherited from the 57th Regiment. After the Battle of Albuhera, the surviving Officers and Sergeants met at an Inn by the battlefield and swore to meet annually to commemorate the slaughter of their comrades on that dreadful day. The modern ceremony recalls the sacrifice of all former members of the Regiment and its predecessors and takes place at 7.30 p.m. on Albuhera Day in the Warrant Officers' and Sergeants' Mess. It consists of a short speech by the Commanding Officer outlining the battle, after which he proposes the Toast to 'The Immortal Memory'. The Toast is then drunk individually by the Officers and Sergeants intermingled, in silence, from a copy of the Albuhera Loving Cup, the original of which was reputed to have been made from melted down Officers' silver gorgets.

Minden Day
On the 1st August, the outstanding performance of the 37th Foot at the Battle of Minden in 1759 is remembered. The 37th was one of six regiments, known as the Minden regiments that fought at the Battle. As the British infantry and artillery were first advancing to battle they passed through some German gardens and the soldiers picked roses and stuck them in their coats. In memory of this, each of the Minden regiments marks 1 August as Minden Day.

Salerno Day
On the 9th September, the involvement of two Queen’s brigades and one Hampshire brigade in the 1943 allied landings at Salerno, Italy is remembered. This is also the date that was chosen for the formation of the Regiment in 1992.