Origins of the Tigers


The Beginning

The 2nd or Tangier Regiment of Foot had its first muster on Putney heath on the 14th October 1661 following King Charles II's warrant being issued for the formation of the British Army. It was raised in order to garrison the Port of Tangier, which Charles II had acquired as part of the dowry when he married Catherine of Braganza , the Infanta of Portugal. The Queen's, named after Queen Catherine, remained in Tangier for 23 years until the port was evacuated. The Regiment's first Battle Honour, "Tangier 1662-1680" is the oldest in the British Army and is displayed on the Regimental Colour together with Catherine's cypher.

Prior to the official start of the British Army there were Trained Bands. On 1 May 1572, when 3,000 men of the Trained Bands of London paraded before Queen Elizabeth I at Greenwich three hundred of them volunteered to go to the aid of the Dutch in their revolt against Spain. The force expanded to four English regiments and in 1665, half of them returned to England rather than swear allegiance to the then liberated Dutch and formed Our Holland Regiment. Despite their Tudor origin, they were numbered the 4th Regiment of Foot in 1689, becoming the 3rd Regiment of Foot in 1751 on the disbandment of the Lord Admiral's Regiment.

The Hampshire Rose, which forms part of the regimental cap badge dates back to 1415 when King Henry V awarded the rose as a badge to the Trained Bands of Hampshire following their feats during the Battle of Agincourt. The rose was subsequently adopted by a forebear regiment of The Royal Hampshire Regiment.

Forebear Regiments

The Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment is descended from the following Forebear Regiments of Foot:

2nd The Queens Royal Regiment (West Surrey) - (2nd [Queen's Royal])
3rd The Buffs (Royal East Kent Regiment) - (3rd [Buffs])
31st The East Surrey Regiment - (31st [Huntingdonshire])
35th The Royal Sussex Regiment - (35th [Royal Sussex])
37th The Royal Hampshire Regiment - (37th [North Hampshire])
50th The Queen's Own Royal West Kent Regiment - (50th [Queen's Own])
57th The Middlesex Regiment - (57th [West Middlesex])
67th The Royal Hampshire Regiment - (67th [South Hampshire])
70th The East Surrey Regiment - (70th [Surrey Regiment])
77th The Middlesex Regiment - (77th [East Middlesex])
97th The Queen's Own Royal West Kent Regiment - (97th [Earl of Ulster's])
107th The Royal Sussex Regiment - (107th [Bengal Infantry])