Adventure Training


Adventure training opportunities provide another feature of service and Regimental life, which is rarely seen outside of the Armed Forces. A variety of rock-climbing, sailing, canoeing and walking expeditions have been organised since the Regiment’s existence throughout the United Kingdom. In addition, skiing expeditions have been run in France and Bavaria and rockclimbing and walking in Cyprus. Major expeditions have taken place in the Kenyan Samburuland, Malaysia, Alaska and Nepal, involving both regular and reserve soldiers. The expedition to Kenya in 1994 included the participation of a number of civilians and disadvantaged young people who learned the importance of determination, selflessness and teamwork, thanks to the hard work of their Regimental guides and organisers. 537 kilometres were covered by foot and camel across the harsh and barren terrain of Northern Kenya. Skiing has enjoyed a high profile, particularly from the 1st Battalion’s perspective, having been based in Germany for such a long time with some private soldiers qualifying as ski instructors.

One example of the opportunities available to Tigers is well illustrated by Captain David Mans’ experience. In 2011 he took part in a ‘Row to the Pole’ expedition and planted the Regimental Flag at the Magnetic Pole.