Sergeant C M Broome - CGC


On l4 May 2004 C Company I PWRR was deployed to Danny Boy. Sgt Broome moved his Warrior in to assault dug in enemy positions near the road, dismounted his troops and then manoeuvred his Warrior to draw the enemy's fire. As the troops destroyed the first position they were opened up on from the depth; it became clear that the troops on the ground were struggling to maintain the initiative and assault the depth. Sgt Broome then dismounted from his Warrior under heavy fire. Without a personal weapon for his own protection, Sgt Broome moved around the battlefield under heavy, accurate enemy fire and took control, marshalling prisoners and casualties and directed further Warriors as they arrived to support the assaults. His courageous action under enemy fire buoyed his troops and was key to the success of their battle.

When 8 Platoon were ambushed on 11 June Lt Deane was badly wounded and Pte Beharry was knocked unconscious, Sgt Broome immediately moved his Warrior between the injured crew and enemy position. Although they were still in contact and receiving sustained, accurate and heavy incoming fire, Sgt Broome dismounted from his turret and moved onto the other vehicle; showing total disregard for his own safety. He took control of the situation, deployed dismounts to provide covering fire and then with bullets passing by his head and body personally assisted with the extraction of Pte Beharry, who was later to be awarded the Victoria Cross, from the damaged vehicle.