Russia 1918/1919


A campaign of unique interest, which involved the East Surreys, Royal Sussex, Hampshires and The Middlesex Regiment was in Russia in the period 1918/1919. During this period the Regiment was to gain the battle honours of Murmansk, Archangel, Dukhovskaya and Siberia. This was part of an unsuccessful international effort at the end of the Great War to save the ‘White’ Russians from the ‘Red’ Bolsheviks.

One action of the campaign took place at Dukhovskaya in Siberia, where Colonel Ward, who commanded the 25th Battalion of The Middlesex Regiment, was in defence. He was under command of a Japanese colonel and had been given command of a reserve force consisting of one of his own companies and a machine gun section, over one battalion of Czech troops, one company of Japanese infantry, 600 cossack cavalry and a Royal Navy gun detachment of four twelve-pounders on two armoured trains. This is an interesting Battlegroup compared with modern times! The battle was won, but British troops were withdrawn from Russia by the end of 1919.