The Royal Sussex Orange drum


Orange Drum

This is a drum of the 2nd Battalion The Royal Sussex Regiment. The accompanying plaque reads: "Immediately prior to 1908 the 2nd Battalion drums were orange. The particular orange drum now carried by the 1st Battalion was taken to South Africa in 1900 by the detachment from the 2nd Battalion which was attached to the 1st Battalion during the South African War. It got back to the 2nd Battalion and was carried by Sergeant Crane throughout the First World War.

After the war it was put away until 1935 when General Whistler, then Adjutant 2nd Battalion, gave orders that it would be carried on all parades of the band and drums. Drum Major Powell was Drum Major 2nd Battalion at the time Private Simmonds was later awarded 7 Days CB for failing to carry the drum when it was damaged."