Painting of Queen Catherine of Braganza


Queen Catherine of Braganza

Queen Catherine of Braganza, Portrait circa late 17th century, wife of King Charles II.

The 2nd or Tangier Regiment of Foot had its first muster on Putney Heath on the 14th October 1661. It was raised in order to garrison the Port of Tangier, which King Charles II had acquired as part of the dowry, when he married Catherine of Braganza, the Infanta of Portugal. The Queen’s, named after Queen Catherine, remained in Tangier for twenty-three years until the port was evacuated. The Regiment’s first battle honour, ‘Tangier 1662–1680’ is the oldest in the British Army and is displayed on the Regimental Colour together with Catherine’s cypher.

This picture hangs in the Offices in Regimental Headquarters, The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment in the Tower of London.