Pace Stick


The "pace stick" is issued to Company Sergeant Majors and the Regimental Sergeant Major and Colour Sergeants and Sergeants while undergoing instruction. For those serving with the Tigers, they are required to have a highly polished black stick with highly polished brass fixtures. When opened to the correct pace length, the pace stick can be held alongside the holder's body by the hinge, with one leg of the stick vertical to the ground, and the other leg pointing forward. By twirling the stick while marching, the stick can be made to "walk" alongside its holder at the proper pace.Traditionally, the pace stick was issued by the Royal Artillery to measure the distance between guns. In a modern context the pace stick is used to measure the distance between formations on parade but also display accurately the correct marching pace during different marching paces such as "Quick Time", "Slow Time" and "Double Time". Infantry marching pace is 120 paces per minute of 30 inches which gives a speed of 3.4 miles per hour. Pace Stick competitions regularly take place with the prize awarded to the most proficient user.