Officer's Grenadier Cap (Mitre), 1760


When Lieutenant Colonel Henry Waring retired from The Queen's in 1880 he provided a photoograph of a cap worn by his Great - Grandfather Averell Daniel who served in the regiment from 1757 to 1770.

This cap was presented to the 1st Bn The Queen's in 1927. In 1954 on the amagamation of our two regiments it was loaned to The National Army Museum. It was returned to the regimental museum at Clandon House and is now on display. Sadly the mitre was destroyed in the fire of April 2015.

"The front of the cap is of light blue velvet. The embroidery is for the most part silver, but is slightly interspersed with gold. The crown has a good deal of gold on a red velvet ground. The Queen's cypher is of gold on a crimson velvet ground. The motto 'Honi soit qui mal y pense' is worked in gold on a royal blue circle of satin. The mottoes 'Pristin virtutis memor' (Mindful of the Gallant Actions of the Past) and 'Nec aspera terrent' (Difficulties be Damned) and worked in black silk on bands of silver embroidery. The white horse is silver embroidery on crimson velvet. The back of the cap is of crimson velvet with a light blue band, on which is embroidered a gold grenade with the number 2 in silver. The rest of the embroidery on the back is about half gold, half silver. The bob on the top is silver." A somewhat more elaborate headress than the beret of to-day. The cap was worn by officers of the Grenadier Company of the Regiment.

Note the spelling of Pristin, the motto is normally spelt today as Pristinae Virtutis Memor.

Unfortunately it was destroyed in the fire at Clandon House in April 2015.