Man of Kent Statuette


This statuette, depicts a World War I soldier and is modelled on the picture titled ‘The Man of Kent’ by the artist Lady Butler of an image of a soldier of the Buffs. The two Kent Yeomanry Regiments, The Royal East Kent and The Queen’s Own West Kent were amalgamated and converted to Infantry in Feb 17 1917 making them the 10th Battalion the Buffs. The 10th Battalion were in the 74th (Yeomanry) Division fighting in Gaza from 23rd April. In October they took part in Allenby’s famous right hook which involved long night marches to bring about the fall of Beersheba and Gaza. On the 8th Dec they had a hard fight up a muddy slope to capture the ridge beyond Nebi Samwil from the Turks. On April 18 the Division went to France and were put in the Lys Valley. On the 2nd September they helped enlarge the gains made beyond Morval.

King George V visited the Division on 7 December 1918.

The statuette was purchased from the sale of Buffs Militia silver and donations from the officers of 5 QUEENS.