Loving Cup, original


Loving Cup,

Silver two handled Cup on two column stems & circular base. Suspended beneath the cup a replica of the Peninsula War Medal c/w 5 bars (Nive, Nivelle, Pyrenees, Vittoria & Albuhera) awarded to Pte Henry Holloway. The body is engraved with a Colour on each side. On the reverse, plain with punched crown & LVII on the obverse, the West Middlesex crest in the colour with the Battle Honours around. The foot is engraved, 'To the Memory of the Diehards May 16th 1811- 415 Rank & File Who Fell At Albuhera'.

This cup and copies are used to commemorate the fallen of the Regiment and its forebears at the Silent Toast ceremony to the 'Immortal Memory'. The ceremony takes place where members of the Regiment are gathered, as near to or on the anniversary of the Battle of Albuhera (16th May).

The ceremony takes place in an open area or within the Officers' Mess if the weather in inclement. A large circle forms around the area, in the order of The Commanding Officer, Regimental Sergeant Major then Officer, Warrant Officer/SNCO, Officer etc to the last man, who is normally the youngest member of the Warrant Officers' & Sergeant Mess, who has the duty of finishing off the last of the champagne, many achieve this admirably.

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