Dettingen Cup


June 27, 1743

The Dettingen Cup was presented by Lieutenant Colonel HL Smith DSO to his brother officers on leaving the Regiment on 21 June 1911. It depicts an event which occurred during the Battle of Dettingen in June 1743 where His Majesty King George II, led the British forces into battle, including 20th & 31st Foot. Mistaking the 31st Huntingdonshire Regiment for the 3rd Buffs, as their facings were similar, called out "Bravo Buffs" and when reminded it was the 31st his Majesty re-joined "Bravo Young Buffs". This name, valuable for the time and manner it was conferred, has since been retained as a traditional title.

The Battle of Dettingen (German: Schlacht bei Dettingen) took place on 27 June 1743 at Dettingen on the River Main, Germany, during the War of the Austrian Succession. The British forces, in alliance with those of Hanover and Hesse, defeated a French army under the Duc de Noailles. The battle straddled the river about 18 miles east of Frankfurt, with guns on the Hessian bank but most of the combat on the flat Bavarian bank. The village of Dettingen is today the town of Karlstein am Main, in the extreme northwest of Bavaria.