Battle of Sobraon diorama


This model was made by Sergeant James Pearce in remembrance of the Battle of Sobraon, on of the major battles of the First Sikh War which started in 1845. "The Sutlej Campaign", as it was often referred to, was broken down into five battles: Ferozapur, Ferozashah, Mudki, Alliwal and Sobraon.

The model depicts the battlefield and ground in detail as it was laid down on the day, detailing the enemy and friendly forces dispositions but in particular showing the names of the Regiments and key commanders. Two of the Tiger's Forebear regiments were at Sobraon, the 31st Huntingdonshire Regiment which was to become The East Surrey Regiment and the 50th or Queen's Own Regiment that became the Queen's Own Royal West Kent Regiment.

This item is not on public display and is located at the 1st Battalion, The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment.