Albuhera Trolley Snuff Box (57th Regiment)


As well as the copy of the Loving Cup the 2nd Battalion are also fortunate enough to hold an item with an even more direct link to the Middlesex Regiment’s (57th foot) valiant action at Albuhera in the guise of a small, yet very fine silver snuff box mounted in a silver trolley. The lid is quite ornate with the 57th’s crest flanked by colours and many items depicting the Napoleonic era battlefield.

On opening the box a shining gilt interior is revealed with the inscription (as detailed above) stating that it is made from the silver breastplates of the officers of the 57th who fell at Albuhera. This piece is treated with due reverence and is displayed on the writing desk in the Mess as a reminder of the sacrifice and steadfastness demonstrated by the ‘Die Hards’ officers on 16th May 1811.

The inscription reads, “This snuff box was made from the breastplates of the officers of the 57th Regiment who fell at the Battle of Albuhera 16th May 1811.”