Albuhera Memorial


Albuhera Memorial

This silver model and oak base is modelled after the Albuhera memorial in La Albuera, Spain. It consists of a silver brick base surmounted by four silver brick arches. eight columns and four Athenian porticos. Engraved on the base of two columns are the Spanish and Anglo Portuguese Generals. On the front portico is inscribed

A Los Valientes del 16 de Mayo 1811
La Comision os
Monumentos de Badajoz

which translates to

To the brave men of 16th May 1811
Dedicated by
The Monuments Commission of Badajoz

Note the spelling of Albuera rather than Albuhera which is the Spanish spelling. Badajoz is the nearest city which controls the region.

In the center of the Memorial is a replica of the Army Gold Medal. It is gold on a blue/maroon/blue ribbon with two bow clasps and a buckle clip. Engraved "ALBUHERA" it is in a gold band inscribed "Major William Collis Spring". Major Spring fought with distinction at the Battle of Albuhera and was awarded the Army Gold Medal after the battle. He commanded the 2nd battalion from 1811 to 1814. Spring was promoted to lieutenant-colonel on 4 June 1813, and took command of the 57th Foot's 1st Battalion in 1815. Following the victory of the Allied armies at the Battle of Waterloo, Spring's battalion was part of the 16th British Brigade of Wellington's army of occupation in France. Spring retired from the army in 1819 and was appointed Deputy Lieutenant of Kerry.

This item is held by the 1st Battalion in Germany.

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