Adjutant’s Stick


The Adjutant's Cane dates from the amalgamation of The Queen's Regiment and the Royal Hampshire Regiment on 9 September 1992. It was presented to the Officers' Mess by Captain MR Hanscomb who was the initial Adjutant of the 1st Battalion; he served in the role from 9 September 1992 until 25 June 1993. The cane itself is 70cm in length, with a silver knob acting as the hilt of the shaft, it is indented and engraved with the regimental capbadge. The end is silver capped with a length of the cane being blackened wood. Of note, each adjutant for the Battalion is marked with a mixture of silver and tin wraps which run down the cane acting as a record of appointments: the wraps state the name, rank and period of appointment.