The Regimental Collect


The re-organisation of the Army in the early 1990s, called Options for Change, necessitated new Collects or regimental prayers, and provided the opportunity to amend existing ones. The current collection is the work of the Reverend R A McDowall and included the Regimental Collect of The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment. It is said at all religious services that include the Regiment and reads as follows:

‘Almighty God, the strength of those who put their trust in Thee and the hope of those who serve and follow Thee; grant to the members of The Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment such a measure of Thy grace that in both peace and war they win Thy favour, and with courage and loyalty faithfully serve the Queen and Country, upholding those noble traditions of which they are the proud inheritors. We ask this for the sake of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen’.