WO2 D E Norman MBE


WO2 Norman demonstrated the highest levels of courage, tenacity and good humour over a period in which Y Company, 1 PWRR, were subjected to frequent, sustained and violent attacks during their tour in Iraq.

He was the backbone of the company, ensuring that morale remained exceptionally high, even after it had sustained one very serious casualty and had a total of four soldiers medically evacuated out of the theatre. Leading by example, he commanded the roof top observation post on most nights through this turbulent period. Directing the surveillance from this location, he controlled the fire from the 51 millimetre mortar and other weapon systems, killing five enemy at a mortar base plate on one occasion. This observation post was key in providing overwatch protection to patrolling callsigns and he remained at his post, even when under mortar and small arms fire. His steadfastness under fire and inspirational leadership were a major factor in ensuring that Y Company were able to take the fight to the enemy on a number of occasions.