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An unusual award, in the form of a long scarf crocheted by Queen Victoria, was made to selected servicemen during the South African War. It was apparently worn over the shoulder, passing under the shoulder strap, across the chest and buckled on the right hip. The description of the scarf is given as "..crocheted in Khaki-coloured Berlin wool, approximately nine inches wide and five foot long, including a four inch fringe at each end, and bears the Royal Cipher V.R.I. (Victoria Regina Et Imperatrix)..."


On l4 May 2004 C Company I PWRR was deployed to Danny Boy. Sgt Broome moved his Warrior in to assault dug in enemy positions near the road, dismounted his troops and then manoeuvred his Warrior to draw the enemy's fire. As the troops destroyed the first position they were opened up on from the depth; it became clear that the troops on the ground were struggling to maintain the initiative and assault the depth. Sgt Broome then dismounted from his Warrior under heavy fire.


Sergeant John Park VC - 77th, Inkerman, 1854

Born: February 1835, Londonderry. Died:16 May 1863 in India, from sunstroke

Awarded the Victoria Cross for many acts of bravery and devotion in the Crimean War.

He was noticed for his conduct at the battles of Alma and Inkerman; highly distinguished himself on April 19th 1855 at the taking of the Russian rifle pits, earning special praise from Colonel Egerton at the time. Severely wounded, and remarked for his determined resolution at the two attacks on the Redan.

VC held by Newarke Houses Museum, Leicester


Sergeant Perfect was a Rifle Platoon Sergeant and Warrior Commander in C Company, 1st Battalion The Princess of Wales' Royal Regiment when they were deployed to Al Amarah, in Southern Iraq, for the duration of Op TELIC IV.


Sergeant Iszard was a Rifle Platoon Sergeant in 1st Battalion The Tigers.

On 11th June a search operation in the Al Rusala district of Al Amarah became the largest and most intense battle in Iraq since 2004. A Jaish Al Mahdi force of over 200, re-supplied with arms and reinforced with further militia, attacked constantly, making use of narrow alleyways and roof tops, with Rocket Propelled Grenades (RPG) and Small Arms Fire (SAF), including sniper, blast bombs and grenades.


On 9 August 2004 Cpl Thomson was commanding a Warrior Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicle in central Basra City as part of a company action to rescue eight stranded soldiers who were cut-off, their vehicles destroyed, and running low on ammunition, while being engaged by enemy militia. The Company had been tasked to rescue these soldiers; an action during which a soldier from the company was killed and the company commander's entire Tactical Headquarters Group was injured.


The bell-topped shako was a design of head dress that had evolved from the Waterloo and Regency shakos; the bell-topped shako was in service from 1829 to 1844. It had a universal plate of a large gilt star for officers surmounted by a Queen Victoria’s crown with a smaller twelve point Silver Star superimposed on the large star. Within this is a small scroll inscribed ‘North Hampshire’ surrounding the numeral ‘37’.


Robert Law was shot through the neck during the Battle of Sobraon in 1846 and although severely injured lived to tell the tale and he brought his jacket home with him. He later presented it to the Regimental museum. Sadly the coat was destroyed in the fire at Clandon House in April 2015.


The SS St Lawrence is the ship which the 2nd Battalion The Buffs Regiment sailed for Cape Town from Dublin, on the 13th October 1876. The party comprised of 444 Officers, Men and Families. On the 7th November she struck a reef in the Paternoster Bay. Women and children were moved onto lifeboats and taken to shore , follow by the officers and men of the Battalion and the crew of SS St Lawrence. All accounts of the wreck pay tribute to the discipline and good behaviour of the men, who for forty-eight hours worked almost continuously, many in waist deep water landing baggage and stores.


This Silver Pocket Watch is held in the PWRR & Queen's Regimental Museum.

On the reverse of the watch, has the following text engraved:

Presented to No 9050 Pte J G Kemmitt 2nd Bn The Queen’s Royal Regiment (West Surrey) by Major A N Roberts in grateful appreciation of many years faithful service as Batman and his gallant conduct at Zwartelen 7th Nov 1914, when hearing I was lying wounded in an
exposed position he at once came to me and carried me to a place of safety.

This watch is still in working order.