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The Friends has been formed for two purposes; First, to raise funds for past and serving soldiers, to enhance their lives. Secondly, to support those who have finished serving in the Regiment to find work and business opportunities. The Friends is a strong network bringing together the whole of the regimental family: Those serving and those who have served; and their family, friends and supporters. The Friends will offer links, social events and help wherever required. It aims to raise funds by running events or offering soldiers a job or advice.


Robert Malcombe Benner, Private 3rd Battalion The Queen's Regiment.

Died 29 November 1971. Aged 25.

Robert was shot when he was off duty and unarmed, he was abducted and murdered , at Teer near Crossmaglen, South Armagh.

Robert was visiting his fiancée at the time.

The 3rd Battalion were heavily involved in the internment operations, at first in Londonderry, and then later in Belfast where it was deployed chiefly in riot control in 1972. It was during this period that Robert Benner was murdered, becoming the second member of the Regiment killed in Northern Ireland


Northern Ireland featured significantly in the Regiment’s first fifteen years, as it did in the Queen’s Regiment and Royal Hampshire Regiment before amalgamation. The Regiment’s deployments to the Province were as follows:

1st Battalion

Date Deployment
1993 to 1995 Omagh.
1996 Two short deployments as the UK Standby Battalion, including West Belfast and Armagh.
1997 to 1998 West Belfast, followed by one composite company deployed with 1st Battalion The Highlanders (Seaforth, Gordons and Camerons).


The Beginning


Died – Private Christopher Gordon Rayment 1st Battalion, 4th August 2004.
Killed in Action – Private Lee O’Callaghan 1st Battalion, 9th August 2004.
Died – Private Ryan ‘CJ’ Wrathall 1st Battalion, 12th February 2009

Killed in action - Private John Alan Brackpool (Former 1st Battalion, serving with 1st Battalion The Welsh Guards), 9th July 2009
Killed in Action – Private Jonathan Monk (2nd Battalion. Attached to 1st Battalion The Mercian Regiment), 9th June 2010


The three Regimental Days are as follows:

Albuhera Day


The Regiment’s nickname is ‘The Tigers’. This is inherited from the Royal Hampshire Regiment, which as the 67th (South Hampshire) Regiment was awarded the figure of the royal tiger superscribed ‘India’ in 1826, following its return after twenty-one years’ service in India. The Regimental motto, inherited from The Queen's Regiment, is "Unconquered I Serve". The Regimental strapline is "Fierce Pride".

Past mottoes and nicknames are as follows:

The Queen’s Regiment


Sergeant John Park VC - 77th, Inkerman, 1854

Born: February 1835, Londonderry. Died:16 May 1863 in India, from sunstroke

Awarded the Victoria Cross for many acts of bravery and devotion in the Crimean War.

He was noticed for his conduct at the battles of Alma and Inkerman; highly distinguished himself on April 19th 1855 at the taking of the Russian rifle pits, earning special praise from Colonel Egerton at the time. Severely wounded, and remarked for his determined resolution at the two attacks on the Redan.

VC held by Newarke Houses Museum, Leicester


There remains plenty of opportunity for sport in the modern Regiment, though operational tours and training schedules keep people busy.