The Falkland Islands, Belize and Cyprus


The Queen's Regiment and The Royal Hampshire's in Belize, Cyprus and The Falkland Islands

Battalions from forbear regiments of The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment were deployed on operations in the Falkland Islands after the War of 1982 and had been deployed to the Central American country of Belize since the 1970s. There was also the ongoing British commitment to support the United Nations’ peacekeeping force in Cyprus.

The Royal Hampshires arrived in the Falkland Islands very shortly after the war in December 1982. The threat still existed from Argentinean aggression and the Battalion formed an important deterrent force. The 2nd Battalion The Queen’s Regiment assumed the same role in 1985/86 and The 3rd Battalion deployed a company to the Islands in 1991. In 1960, The Royal Hampshire Regiment had a Company stationed in British Honduras, latterly Belize, during their West Indies Garrison tour (1959-1962). However, by the early 1970s, the threat from neighbouring Guatemala had increased and the size of the colony’s defence force was reviewed. The 2nd Battalion The Queen’s Regiment deployed for a six month tour in 1976 and the 3rd Battalion followed in 1977, at a time when a major reinforcement of the colony took place. The 1st Battalion conducted a tour just prior to independence in 1980/81 and the 3rd Battalion returned in 1986. All of the Queen’s battalions fulfilled an important operational role in Belize by maintaining an effective deterrent.

The island of Cyprus has been divided into the Northern Turkish Republic and the Southern Greek Republic since the Turkish invasion of 1974. The British maintain the Sovereign Base Areas and have provided troops for the UN peacekeeping force UNFICYP, which polices the ‘green line’ dividing the two communities. The 2nd Battalion was there in 1981/82. The 3rd Battalion The Queen’s Regiment was deployed on a six month tour to Cyprus in 1972/73 and were disbanded their on amalgamation.