The American Revolution or The War of American Independence


There were no battle honours awarded to the Regiments forebears for their involvement in the American War of lndependence. Although the regiments fought with distinction and achieved many victories against the rebel forces, the colonies successfully rebelled against the rule of King George Ill with the support of France, Spain and the Netherlands. The Buffs, 31st, 35th, 37th and 57th Foot were all to take part in the War and the 50th participated in a naval battle against the French off Ushant in 1778, serving as marines.

The 35th featured most prominently in the War in the first of the battles. They defeated the rebels at Bunker Hill, Boston in 1775 and joined the 57th with another victory at Brooklyn a year later. Also in 1776 the 35th helped capture New York and won the battle of White Plains.

Unfortunately, the 31st were part of General Burgoyne’s force, which surrendered at Saratoga and the Light Company of the 37th were present at Cornwallis's surrender at Yorktown.